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LIVE: Wedgewood Rooms w/ MY VITRIOL

Wedgewood Rooms, baby!

Since FAINITES formed, just over a year ago, we've been waiting patiently to play our first show at the legendary Wedgewood Rooms - so when we were offered the My Vitriol support we lept at the chance! Finelines (the debut MV album) was a big record for all of us, so it was awesome to not only take our own songs to this great stage, but to also hear MV playing out their classics!

We arrived at the Wedgewood Rooms for load in, and MV were already fine tuning their new onstage setup, which was slightly weird - electric drum kit & guitars running direct through Pro Tools (no guitar amps), bass on backing track, and loads of sample triggers. Needless to say, we felt slightly dated lifting our old valve amps onstage ;)

Sound check went smoothly, thanks to the awesome John Haskett, who kindly offered his services whilst on a break from work with Wolf Alice.

We debuted new song 'Rust & Ruin' in the set tonight, and this was also the first gig to see Harry & Steve on backing vocals! It felt great to be on that stage, and to hear the room filled with our sound. Another fantastic audience, thanks to all who came to see us, and to those who bought EPs and t-shirts after the show.

Next local shows will be The Bandstand on 29th July, and Victorious Festival in August.

For more info, check out our LIVE page.

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